Who has the biggest fanbase in college football?

Who has the largest fan base in college football?

This website concluded that the top five are:

  • Ohio State.
  • Alabama.
  • Oklahoma.
  • Michigan.
  • USC.

Who is the most watched college football team?

Ohio State-Michigan delivered the top college football regular season audience in more than two years, topping an 8.0 rating and 15 million viewers on FOX. Thanksgiving weekend featured the two largest audiences of the season, with the Iron Bowl ranking second at more than 10 million.

Which college has most fans?

The Results

Top 25 Overall Rankings
Overall Rank Conference Institution
1 Big 10 University of Michigan
2 SEC Louisiana State University
3 SEC University of Alabama

What is the biggest rivalry in college football?

College Football’s Top 25 Rivalries

  • Army-Navy (Navy, 61-53-7) …
  • Alabama-Auburn (Alabama, 47-37-1) …
  • Michigan-Ohio State (Michigan, 58-51-6) …
  • Oklahoma-Texas (Texas, 62-50-5) …
  • USC-Notre Dame (Notre Dame, 48-36-5) …
  • Georgia-Florida (Georgia, 54-44-2*) …
  • Miami-Florida State (Miami, 35-31) …
  • Harvard-Yale (Yale, 68-61-8)

Who is number one in football?


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1 Georgia (61) 1,525
2 Alabama 1,464
3 Michigan 1,361

Is college football more popular than the NFL?

The National Football League (NFL) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) are respectively the most popular professional and amateur football organizations in the United States. … Collegiate football ranks third in overall popularity in the United States, behind baseball and pro football.

What college sport is most-watched?

Most Popular College Sports | 2022 Ranking

  • Volleyball.
  • Tennis.
  • Ice Hockey.
  • Baseball.
  • Cricket.
  • Soccer / Football.
  • Basketball.
  • American Football.

Which state has the most football fans?

When it comes to college football, Alabama residents are by far the most passionate fans in the United States.

What is the loudest football stadium in college?

According to this list, LSU’s “Death Valley” is the loudest facility in America, followed by Beaver Stadium (Penn State) and Autzen Stadium (Oregon). Poor Pitt is in dead last among Power 5 schools, trailing even Vanderbilt and Kansas. The full list of all 65 Power 5 programs can be seen below.

What is the best college football stadium?

The 10 Best College Football Stadiums

  • Ohio Stadium. Ohio State University. …
  • Neyland Stadium. Tennessee. …
  • Michigan Stadium. Michigan. …
  • Darrell K Royal–Texas Memorial Stadium. Texas. …
  • Beaver Stadium. Penn State. …
  • Rose Bowl. UCLA. …
  • Jordan–Hare Stadium. Auburn. Capacity: 87,541. …
  • Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. USC. Capacity: 93,607.

What was the greatest college football game ever?

The 1916 Cumberland vs. Georgia Tech football game was the most lopsided in the history of college American football, with Georgia Tech winning 222–0. The game was played on October 7, 1916, between the Georgia Tech Engineers and Cumberland College Bulldogs at Grant Field (now a part of Bobby Dodd Stadium) in Atlanta.

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What is the oldest rivalry in football?

Green Bay Packers VS Chicago Bears

Known as “the oldest rivalry in the NFL,” there is no team that has more history than these two.

Which is the best country in football?

World Football / Soccer Rankings

Rk Team Record
1 Brazil 48-6-13
2 Belgium 50-8-10
3 Spain 39-6-23
4 France 52-7-15