When was the last time Minnesota beat Wisconsin in football?

Who has won the Paul Bunyan axe the most?

The Golden Gophers lead the all-time series, 59-51-8, while the Badgers lead the Axe’s series, 34-24-3. Earlier, the schools played for the “Slab of Bacon”, a piece of wood with an M or a W, depending from which angle one would look on it. Minnesota led that series 11-3 until the trophy was “lost” in 1943.

Who has won the axe between Minnesota & Wisconsin?

Minnesota defeated Wisconsin 23-13 to claim the Axe for just the second time since 2003. MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota surged past No. 18 Wisconsin 23-13 to take back Paul Bunyan’s Axe and give Iowa the West Division title. Tanner Morgan overcame an interception that was returned for a first-half touchdown.

When did the Gophers last have the axe?

Paul Bunyan’s Axe

A new axe was created in 2000. The original axe was donated to the College Football Hall of Fame in 2003. Until 2014, when the game ended, if the team holding the trophy won, they would run to their own sideline, take the axe and carry it around the field and “chop down” one or both goal posts.

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Who has the axe right now?

Cal currently holds the Axe after defeating Stanford 41–11 in the 2021 game.

Who has Paul Bunyan’s Ax?

Gophers reclaim Paul Bunyan’s Axe

  • The 2021 season has been a rollercoaster ride for the Golden Gopher football team and its fans, to say the least.
  • After a 2-1 start, there was the almost unfathomable loss to Bowling Green—at home and on Homecoming.

What’s the oldest rivalry in college football?

If you’re wondering, the oldest rivalry in college football belongs to Lafayette and Lehigh, who have met a whopping 151 times. The other oldest SEC rivalries not on the top 10 FBS list include Ole Miss/Mississippi State (112 meetings), Tennessee/Kentucky (111) and Tennessee/Vanderbilt (110).

Who won Paul Bunyan’s axe last year?

And they did just that. Football: Blazing the trail to victory: Badgers 35, Northwestern 7Despite the freezing temperatures in Madison, the No. 19 Wisconsin Badgers (7-3, 5-2 Big Ten) continue to stay hot with Read…

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