What is the meaning of Gd in football?

Goal difference (or points difference) is calculated as the number of goals (or points) scored in all league matches minus the number of goals or points conceded, and is sometimes known simply as plus–minus.

What does GP and GD mean in soccer?

It is the difference between the number of goals that you scored and the number of goals you concede. A positive goal difference means you scored more goals than conceded, and vice versa. Goal difference is usually used as the second tiebreaker in a league table.

What is the meaning of GF in football?

F, GF – Goals For (sometimes used in place of GS). A, GA – Goals Against (i.e., number of goals conceded by a team). GD – Goal Difference (i.e., difference between GF and GA, and sometimes denoted by +/-).

What does P mean in football tables?

HW – Home win. In other words, the team that played on home ground won the game. L – Loss (lost games). It is common to use this abbreviation in tables. P – Played (games).

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What does GS mean in football?

GS – games started. This is complete from 1980 forward, and partially complete before that. Int – in a passing table, this means interceptions thrown.

What does CB mean in football?

Position abbreviations in Fantasy Football

Position What It Means Who Is Eligible
LB Linebackers Only linebackers
DT Defensive Tackles Only defensive tackles
DE Defensive Ends Only defensive ends
CB Cornerbacks Only cornerbacks

What is the D in football?

The ‘D’marks the part of the pitch outside the penalty box which is closer to the penalty spot than 10 yards, into which players must not encroach before the kick. It is usually called the D.

Whats Ga stand for?

GA. Georgia (US postal abbreviation) GA.

What does MP mean in football?

Generally a football league table will have the following details: MP or P – matches played or played (in short terms) W – matches won. D – matches drawn. L – matches lost.

What does RO mean in football?

On 14 May 2015 the Football League announced that the abandoned match between Blackpool and Huddersfield Town on 2 May 2015 has been decided as a 0-0 draw – the score at the time the match was abandoned.

What is CAM in football?

CAM Position. A Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM) is a central midfielder who is normally positioned in an advanced midfield position, usually between central midfield and the team’s forwards, and who has a primarily offensive role. CAM players usually help their forwards on scoring goals.

What does FB mean in football?

Football Glossary

Position Abbreviations
Abbreviation Position
QB Quarterback
RB Running Back
FB Fullback
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What does WR mean in football?

WR = Wide Receiver. TE = Tight End. FLEX = Running Backs, Wide Receivers and Tight Ends can be used in this position.

What does rat mean in football?


PCT Pass Completion Percentage
AVG Average Pass Yardage
RATT QB Rating Total
PAG Games with Passing Attempts
RAT QB Rating

What does PI mean in football?

It is pass interference by either team when any act by a player more than one yard beyond the line of scrimmage significantly hinders an eligible player’s opportunity to catch the ball.

What does PA mean in football?

Points Against (PA)