What is the highest football coaching license?

The UEFA Pro Licence is the highest professional game coaching course we offer and is designed to develop highly-skilled and aspiring leaders, managers and coaches capable of creating sustained success in football.

What is the highest coaching badge?

5) The FA Level 5 or UEFA Pro Licence: this is the highest level of coaching qualification available. This course is for coaches who have experience in the professional game and want to become a head coach for a professional team.

How much does a UEFA B license cost?

The standard cost of a UEFA “B” License — a prerequisite to work at a professional club’s academy — is £990, and it can cost as much as £2,450. In Germany, the cost is €430; in Spain it is €1,100.

What level can you coach with UEFA A licence?

UEFA Pro Diploma requirements

– Completed at least one year’s coaching experience, after graduating with the UEFA A licence, as a head coach at elite youth or senior amateur level, or as an assistant coach in professional football.

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What is the highest soccer coaching license?

US Soccer National D License. The US Soccer “D” License is strongly recommended for all competitive coaches of players 14 years old and up. The license will be MANDATORY for all coaches whose teams enter the Cal South National Cup and The California Regional League in the 2022-2023 season.

Can you fail FA Level 1?

Failure to do this within 12 months of start date of your course will mean that you will not be able to obtain your level 1 award and would have to re apply for a new level 1course.

What is the best accreditation for coaching?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the world’s best-known and respected coaching program certifier. It provides accreditation for programs that are considered the industry gold standard.

How long does it take to get UEFA A License?

HOW’S IT STRUCTURED? This course is delivered across nine modules over an 18-month period and across a learning programme that combines face-to-face learning with independent study and a minimum of six one-to-one coach development visits to support your learning through the season.

How long does it take to complete UEFA B Licence?

The course is 17 days long, split into a five day block, a four day block, five support days and a three day final assessment.

How long does a UEFA B Licence last?

Licence Validity

The Scottish FA/UEFA B Licence must be kept valid by accruing a minimum of 15 hours of accredited Continuous Professional Development (CPD) every three years.

What is D license football?

The AIFF D-Licence Course provides a critical understanding of the game and guides a coach on how to support the development of future players. … A D-Licence holder will be able to coach in Grassroots football; college and school teams, District and Intercity Championships etc.

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How do you get a FIFA coach license?

Candidates need to have had the D License for a year, have three or more years coaching experience, currently coaching with access to 11v11 training. The waiver procedure for the B License requires the equivalent of a UEFA B License or five years playing topflight soccer.

How do you become a pro football license?

Possess experience and currently hold a full-time position in the professional game as a coach, assistant manager, manager, head of coaching, academy manager, head of recruitment, technical director or player – with a minimum of five years’ professional playing experience necessary.

What is AC license in soccer?

DESCRIPTION. The National “C” License course is designed to introduce concepts that are targeted toward coaching players ages 15-18. The course focus is on getting coaches to think about, discuss, and recognize the recurring concepts or themes that exist in soccer.

How do you get a UEFA license?

In order to be considered for the Scottish FA/ UEFA ‘A’ Licence Introductory course, candidates must have as a minimum: Scottish FA/ UEFA ‘B’ Licence completed within the past three years, (candidates must hold the UEFA ‘B’ Licence for a minimum of 1 year to be eligible to apply) or.

How do you get a US Soccer D License?

To take the D course you’ll need at least two grassroots in-person courses, one of which must be the 11v11, and an online license. After the D, you’ll need a year of experience to take the C course. From there, entry to the pro pathway requires an application to each course and more robust pre-requisites.

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