What does N mean in football?

A game being played at a neutral venue will have a (N) after the team names in the line. In other words neither team is playing at home, both teams are playing away.

What does N stand for in NFL?

(ɛn ɛf ɛl ) proper noun [the N] In the United States, the NFL is the organization responsible for professional football. NFL is an abbreviation for ‘National Football League.

What does N mean in bet?

A game being played at a neutral venue will have a (N) displayed in the line after the team names. In this case, since neither team is playing at home, both teams are playing in an away matchup.

What position is R in football?

Position abbreviations in Fantasy Football

Position What It Means
W/T Wide Receiver/Tight End
W/R Wide Receiver/Running Back
W/R/T Wide Receiver/Running Back/Tight End
Q/W/R/T Quarterback/Wide Receiver/Running Back/Tight End

What does or mean in football?

In the old days an offensive line could consist of five attackers and include two inside forwards positioned between the wing forwards and the center forward and normally a little behind the other three. OL – Outside left. Same as left-winger. OR – Outside right.

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What position is N in football?

Football Glossary

Position Abbreviations
Abbreviation Position
DT Defensive Tackle
NT Nose Tackle
LB Linebacker

What does MBL mean?


Acronym Definition
MBL Mean Breaking Load
MBL Master Bill of Lading (shipping/logistics)
MBL Manistee, MI, USA – Manistee Blacker Airport (Airport Code)
MBL Montebello Bus Lines (Montebello, CA)

What does N mean in sports?

A game being played at a neutral venue will have an (N) after the team names on the line. Essentially in this case, since neither team is playing at home, both teams are playing in an away match up. Was this article helpful?

What does pp mean in gambling?

P. Par Golf. Par means scoring even (E). Parlay. A type of bet that allows players to place multiple bets (at least two) and ties them together, you need multiple events to all win for higher payouts.

What does tt mean in gambling?

Top Tote Plus (TT+)

Choosing Top Tote Plus Odds means you will always get the best return out of all three TABs or the Starting Price (whichever is higher) on all Australian Metro Races. Example: You select TT+ Odds for your Bet and you Win. TAB. ODDS.

What does SB mean in football?

Slotback, sometimes referred to as an A-back or “slot receiver,” is a position in gridiron football.

What is an H in football?

An H-back is an offensive position in American football. The H-back lines up similarly to a tight end, but is “set back” from the line of scrimmage, and is thus counted as one of the four “backs” in the offensive formation. … The position is similar to that of a slotback.

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What does K mean in football?

Placekicker, or simply kicker (PK or K), is the player in gridiron football who is responsible for the kicking duties of field goals and extra points. In many cases, the placekicker also serves as the team’s kickoff specialist or punter.

What is G in football?

In gridiron football, a guard (G), otherwise known as an offensive guard (OG), is a player who lines up between the center and the tackles on the offensive line of a football team on the line of scrimmage used primarily for blocking. … Guards are to the right or left of the center.

What does +4.5 mean?

For a bet on Pittsburgh to win at +4.5, they can either win the game outright or not lose by an amount that surpasses 4.5. For Cincinnati to win, they must win the game and do so by a number greater than 4.5. In other words, if it’s 21-17 Cincinnati, a bet on Pittsburgh would win by a half-point.

What does F mean in soccer?

GS – Goals Scored. F, GF – Goals For (sometimes used in place of GS). A, GA – Goals Against (i.e., number of goals conceded by a team). GD – Goal Difference (i.e., difference between GF and GA, and sometimes denoted by +/-).