What soccer ball does the Premier League use?

Nike is the Official Ball Supplier to the Premier League and has been since the 2000/01 season. Starting with the Nike Geo Merlin match ball in 2000/01, through to the Nike Fight introduced for the 2020/21 season, Nike has consistently delivered pinnacle performance innovation to Premier League pitches.

Which ball does the Premier League use?

Nike Hi-Vis Flight Ball – To Be Released November 2021

The Premier League logo and famous Nike tick are also present. There will be one more ball unveiled by Nike in the coming months for use in Premier League games leading up to the end of the season.

What size soccer ball is used in the Premier League?

The size of a football is roughly 22 cm (8.66 inches) in diameter for a regulation size 5 ball. Rules state that a size 5 ball must be 68 to 70 cm (27 to 28 in) in circumference.

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How much is a Premier League soccer ball?

In the United States, the Premier League Merlin will set you back $160 and in the United Kingdom it costs £104.95, which means that it is much more expensive than the average ball.

Why does the Premier League only use one ball?

There is only one match ball, officially. All the other balls are just to help keep the game going by reducing the time the ball is in touch. The ball that the referee comes onto the field with, or leaves with is considered the matchball. That ball as a momento may be given to a player who scores a hat-trick.

How many balls are used in Premier League match?

How many balls are used in a Premier League Match? Generally, there will be a total of 16 official matchday balls spread around the pitch, however teams’ games in fact supply more. Soccer teams like Real Madrid and Chelsea can sometimes have over 20 balls around the pitch.

How hard is a Premier League ball?

Yes, the balls are filled to the proper PSI(roughly 11.5–13.5 psi). So they are fairly “hard”, but you get used to them.

What size soccer ball do 14 year olds use?

In general, here are the appropriate sizes for age groups: Size 5 (Adult/Professional): U12 and up (ages 12 and older), 27-28 in/68-70 cm circumference. Size 4 (Youth): U8-U12 (ages 8-12), 25-26 in/63.5-66 cm circumference. Size 3 (Junior): U8 and down (ages 8 and younger), 23-24 in/58.5-61 cm circumference.

What age is size 4 soccer ball?

We want to make sure to create a fun environment for these beginners! Players ages 8-12 should use a youth size 4 soccer ball. At age 8, kids now have the developed strength, skill, and size to handle the size 4. Players ages 13 and up should use an official size 5 soccer ball.

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What size ball does U12 soccer use?

Proper Soccer Ball Size

Age Group Soccer Ball Size
u10 Size 4
u11 Size 4
u12 Size 4
u13 Size 5

What is the Premier League ball 2021 22?

Update: The new Premier League Flight 21-22 hi-vis ball is now available to buy. It will be debuted this weekend. Nike have just unveiled the ‘hi-vis’ 2021-22 Premier League football. Introducing a bold pop-art design, the Nike Premier League Flight Winter ball will be used in the league from this weekend onwards.

What size soccer ball do pros use?

Size 5 soccer balls are the standard soccer ball size for ages 12 and older all the way up to professionals. If you pick up an adidas size 5 pro ball, you’ll not only be playing with the official soccer ball size of the MLS, but you’ll have the exact ball the pros use in the game.

How heavy is a Premier League football?

Qualities and Measurements

of a circumference of between 68 cm (27 ins) and 70 cm (28 ins) between 410 g (14 oz) and 450 g (16 oz) in weight at the start of the match. of a pressure equal to 0.6 – 1.1 atmosphere (600 – 1,100g/cm2) at sea level (8.5 lbs/sq in – 15.6 lbs/sq in)

What happens to the ball after a Premier League game?

The Premier League or other football leagues don’t have any ball rules as such, but the footballs are indeed reused if their condition permits.

Which ball is used in football match?

The game is played with a round leather football made of 18 stitched leather panels, similar in appearance to a traditional volleyball (but larger), with a circumference of 68–70 cm (27–28 in), weighing between 480–500 g (17–18 oz) when dry.

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What happens to the balls after a football match?

“The balls are used after a tournament for souvenirs for the teams and referees, host cities, Fifa partners and the Fifa museum,” a Fifa spokesperson told us. … “Each local market team is then encouraged to run a giveaway through social media to allow fans the chance to win the balls.”