How far did Argentina go in the World Cup?

Argentina is one of the most successful national football teams in the world, having won two World Cups in 1978 and 1986. Argentina has been runners up three times: in 1930, 1990 and 2014. The team was present in all but four of the World Cups, being behind only Brazil, Italy and Germany in number of appearances.

How far did Argentina make it in the world Cup 2018?

Argentina failed to win their opening match at a World Cup tournament for the first time since losing to Cameroon in 1990, and it was the first time that they drew their opener in the competition.

What place did Argentina come in the world Cup?

Argentina secured a place at next year’s World Cup after a 0-0 home draw against Brazil, giving Lionel Messi one more shot at winning the only major trophy missing in his career. Second-placed Argentina qualified after Chile lost 2-0 at home to third-placed Ecuador.

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How many times has Argentina been in the world Cup?

Commonly known as La Albiceleste, the Argentinian football team has appeared in five World Cup finals, winning two of them in 1978 and 1986. It is one of the only eight teams to have won the world title at least once.

Did Argentina qualify for the world Cup?

Qualified teams: Brazil, Argentina

The top four nations qualify directly to the finals. The fifth-place team will go into an intercontinental playoff against a nation from Asia. The first four rounds of qualifiers in March and September 2020 were suspended and it finally began in October 2020.

Has Leo Messi won a World Cup?

Messi has not yet won a single major title with Argentina, but he has some under-age success on his record, as he won the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship. Since then, Messi has been collecting disappointing moments with the national team, as he hasn’t won the World Cup nor the Copa America trophy.

Who knocked Argentina out of the world Cup 2018?

Lionel Messi couldn’t score a goal in the match against France and it has led to huge debate online. In an a high tension match against France vs Argentina, the latter was knocked out of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in a 4-3 win.

Is Argentina in 2022 World Cup?

FIFA World Cup 2022 qualified teams: Argentina, Brazil, England, Netherlands, Germany qualify for Qatar.

How old is Lionel Messi?

34 years (June 24, 1987)
Лионель Месси/Возраст
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