Best answer: How many inches is a size 1 soccer ball?

How small is a size 1 soccer ball?

Size 1 (Skills): All ages, best for developing footwork skills and ball control, 18-20 in/46-51 cm circumference.

How many inches is a soccer ball?

Soccer Ball Size For Age Chart

Soccer Ball Circumference Age
Size 4 25 to 26 Inches 8-11
Size 3 23 to 24 Inches 5-8
Size 2 20 to 22 Inches 3-5
Size 1 18 to 20 Inches Any

How many inches is a size 1 football?

This explains which size of football should be used by which age group. Size 1 football balls are also known as “Mini-Balls” or “Minis.” At 18–20 in (46–51 cm) in circumference, the size 1 ball is traditionally constructed as a twelve-panel dodecahedron.

What is a size 1 soccer ball used for?

Size 1 soccer balls, also known as mini soccer balls or skills balls, are used to improve footwork or just for fun. Size 3 soccer balls are the smallest official ball and used during matches for children under the age of 8. Size 4 soccer balls are used during matches for children between the ages of 8-12.

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Is there a size 2 soccer ball?

Size 2. Also mainly used as a skills ball, the size 2 soccer ball is between 20 – 22 inches in circumference and weighs in between 250 and 280 grams. It’s the perfect ball for children aged between three and five years of age.

Is a mini soccer ball size 1?

Mini soccer balls look and feel like regular soccer balls, but are rated as size 1. These soccer balls have a size of 18-20 inches and are not used for play or practice. Their small size make it easier for players to hone in on footwork skills almost anywhere, even in smaller spaces.

How much does a size 1 soccer ball weigh?

Standard Soccer Ball Specification

Numeric Value Ball Type Weight of Football
Ball Size 1 Pee-Wee or Mini-Ball 205 grams
Ball Size 2 Training 210 – 280 grams
Ball Size 3 Junior 300 – 320 grams
Ball Size 4 Youth 359 – 390 grams

What is smallest size soccer ball?

Soccer Ball Basics

  • Size 3 balls are the smallest balls and are generally used for children under the age of 8.
  • These balls are generally 23-24 inches in circumference and weigh between 11-12 ounces.

What is a size 2 soccer ball used for?

Size 2. Size 2 soccer balls are one of the smallest balls and are generally used for children aged three to five. These balls are generally 20-22 inches in circumference and weigh between 8-9 ounces.

What is a size 4 soccer ball?


Size 4 is a youth soccer ball for players who are 8-11 years old. This is also the size for futsal balls, which are weighted heavier so it’s easier to control on a hardcourt.

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What size is the Olympic soccer ball?

Ball: The Olympic soccer ball must have a circumference of no more than 28 inches and no less than 27 inches (size 5). It must weigh no more than 16 ounces and no less than 14 ounces at the start of the match.

What size balls do under 10s use?

The FA recommend the following ball sizes: Size 3 football Under 7, 8 and 9 Age Groups. Size 4 football, Under 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 Age Groups. Size 5 football, Under 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 to Adults.

What is a size 3 football?

How Big Are Size 3 Footballs? The circumference of a size 3 ball should be between 58 – 61cm. This would be 18.5 – 19.50cm in diameter. Although this is quite a bit smaller than the full-size ball it is well suited to a player of a younger age.

What size football should a 9 year old use?

Size 4 footballs (ages 9-14) or size 3 footballs (ages 6-9) are a much better fit for younger footballers still learning the tricks of the trade. Check out our football size chart, below, to play the right way.