Are all soccer balls the same size?

When it comes to soccer balls, not all are created equal. … There are four different soccer ball sizes, with 1 being the smallest and 5 being the largest. Each have their own dimensions, as seen in the graphic below, and each are used best for a specific drill, age group or league.

What are the different sizes of soccer balls?


  • Size 5 (Adult/Professional): U12 and up (ages 12 and older), 27-28 in/68-70 cm circumference.
  • Size 4 (Youth): U8-U12 (ages 8-12), 25-26 in/63.5-66 cm circumference.
  • Size 3 (Junior): U8 and down (ages 8 and younger), 23-24 in/58.5-61 cm circumference.

What is the most common soccer ball size?

Size 5 (27 to 28 inch circumference, weighing 410 to 450 grams) is the most common soccer ball size for adults and youths over 12 years of age (U12+). Although professional soccer players use a size 5 ball to play with, doesn’t mean they don’t use the other sizes for practice or skills training.

What is the difference between a size 4 and 5 soccer ball?

Size 4 is the standard soccer ball for kids aged between 8 and 11 years old. It has a circumference of 25-26 inches and a weight of 11-13 ounces. Size 4 balls are larger than size 3 and smaller than size 5 balls.

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Do size 2 soccer balls exist?

Soccer Ball Sizes the Breakdown – Soccer Ball Size by Age

Soccer Ball Size 5 used for adults and professionals. Soccer Ball Size 4 for ages 8-12 years old. Soccer Ball Size 3 for kids 5-8 years old. Soccer Ball Size 2 for ages years 3-5.

What size ball does soccer shots use?

Purchase your own size 3 Soccer Shots branded soccer ball. Perfect for practicing ball control and skills at home! Limited quantities available.

What is a size 1 soccer ball used for?

Size 1 soccer balls, also known as mini soccer balls or skills balls, are used to improve footwork or just for fun. Size 3 soccer balls are the smallest official ball and used during matches for children under the age of 8. Size 4 soccer balls are used during matches for children between the ages of 8-12.

What size is premier league ball?

Regulation size and weight for a soccer ball is a circumference of 68–70 cm (27–28 in) and a weight of between 410–450 g (14–16 oz). The ball should be inflated to a pressure of 0.6 and 1.1 bars (8.7 and 16.0 psi) at sea level. This is known as “Size 5”. Smaller balls, sizes 1, 3 and 4 are also produced.

What is the best size 3 soccer ball?

What Size Soccer Ball Do Toddlers Use?

Soccer Ball Size Soccer Ball Circumference Soccer Ball Weight
2 21″-22″ 250g (9oz)
3 23″-24″ 300g (10oz)
4 25″-26″ 350g (12oz)
5 27″-28″ 410g (14oz)

Do they make size 6 soccer balls?

And we all know of smaller balls for smaller kids – size 3 and size 4 balls. But, it’s now time that the world knew about bigger balls for bigger kids – introducting the all new Size 6 soccer ball! … Your friends are going to laugh their butts off when you arrive to the field with your brand new size 6 soccer ball.

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What size ball does u12 soccer use?

Proper Soccer Ball Size

Age Group Soccer Ball Size
u10 Size 4
u11 Size 4
u12 Size 4
u13 Size 5

Is there a size 1 ball?


While it’s the smallest soccer ball, size 1 is a versatile ball meant for all ages.

Who uses size 3 soccer ball?

Size 3. The size 3 soccer ball is the smallest ball which is used for proper matches. Usually used by players who are 8 and under. Weighing in between 300 – 320 grams with a 23 – 24 inch circumference, it’s a bit heavier than the two smaller sizes making it appropriate for the age group they’re intended for.

What size soccer ball do high schoolers use?

Size 5. These balls are 27-28 inches in circumference. Generally, players can start handling this ball around age 12. This is the largest size ball and the size used for high school, college, and professional play.