Your question: Which team has the most MLS Cups?

The Los Angeles Galaxy hold the record for most MLS Cup titles, having won five times in nine appearances.

What teams have won the MLS Cup?


Season Date Champions
2016 December 10 Seattle Sounders FC
2017 December 9 Toronto FC
2018 December 8 Atlanta United FC
2019 November 10 Seattle Sounders FC

Which team has never won the MLS Cup?

MLS Cup championship

Club Last MLS Cup Subsequent final losses
FC Dallas never (club entered MLS in 1996) 2010
New England Revolution never (club entered MLS in 1996) 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2014
New York Red Bulls never (club entered MLS in 1996) 2008
Chicago Fire 1998 2000, 2003

What is the biggest MLS team?

The Seattle Sounders’ average attendance consistently exceeds 40,000 fans.

2019 season.

Team Atlanta United FC
2018 average attendance 53,002
Percent change −0.9%
Stadium Mercedes-Benz Stadium*
Capacity (unrestricted) 42,500 (at least 72,035)

Which team won the MLS?

After winning MLS Cup 2021 in Portland, New York City FC brought the Philip F. Anschutz Trophy back home in a ceremony at City Hall Tuesday afternoon.

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Who won the MLS 2021?

It was contested by hosts Portland Timbers and New York City FC to determine the champion of the 2021 season. New York City FC won their first MLS Cup title by defeating the Timbers in a penalty shootout following a 1–1 draw in regulation and extra time.

Who won the 2020 MLS Cup?

MLS Cup 2017 was the 22nd edition of the MLS Cup, the championship of Major League Soccer (MLS), contested between Toronto FC and Seattle Sounders FC on December 9, 2017. … Toronto FC became the first Canadian team to win the MLS Cup and the first MLS team to complete a domestic treble.

Is MLS a top 10 league?

There’s no definitive way to rank the world’s soccer leagues, but MLS likely doesn’t fall in the top 10 talent-wise. … When it comes to fans going to games, MLS does much better. The league has been in the top five in total attendance, behind England, Germany, Spain and Italy and fairly high in average attendance.

Is MLS big in USA?

MLS began to play in 1996 with 10 teams and has grown to 28 teams (25 in the United States and 3 in Canada), with further expansion planned to 30 teams. MLS is currently the largest first division professional football league in the world.

Major League Soccer.

Year Value
2018 $240 million

Who has the most fans in the MLS?

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# Soccer Team Facebook Fans
1 L.A Galaxy 2,242,795
2 New York City FC 2,164,614
3 New York Red Bulls 967,251
4 Seattle Sounders 719,569
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Who won the most MLS Cups?

New York City FC are the reigning cup-holders, having defeated the Portland Timbers in the 2021 final for their first title. The Los Angeles Galaxy hold the record for most MLS Cup titles, having won five times in nine appearances.

What is the MLS Cup called?

Since the inaugural MLS Cup in 1996, three trophies have been used: the Alan I.

Philip F. Anschutz Trophy
Awarded for Winning the MLS Cup
Presented by Major League Soccer
First award 2008

Has FC Dallas won a championship?

The team has won the U.S. Open Cup on two occasions (in 1997 and again in 2016). Their fully owned USL affiliate, North Texas SC, won the 2019 USL League One regular season and overall championship titles, the third division title in American soccer.


Name Location Years
Toyota Stadium Frisco 2005–present