Your question: What is the longest NFL game ever played?

The NFL’s longest game ever, a Divisional playoff matchup between the Dolphins and Chiefs at Kansas City’s Municipal Stadium, was played on Christmas in 1971 and lasted over 80 minutes. The Hank Stram-coached Chiefs, two years removed from a Super Bowl, were facing a Miami team whose coach was the great Don Shula.

What is the longest NFL game in history?

Garo Yepremian kicked a 37-yard field goal for the Dolphins after 22 minutes and 40 seconds of overtime play. In total, the matchup lasted 82 minutes and 40 seconds, making it the longest in game in NFL history.

What is the most overtimes in NFL history?

American football

The Miami Dolphins defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 27–24 at 7:40 into double overtime (at 82:40 of total play, the longest game in NFL history).

What has been the longest football game ever?

Back in 1971-72 during the AFC Divisional Round playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins, the vying teams set a record for the longest game in NFL history. How does watching football for SEVEN HOURS sound?

How long is NFL’s longest?

Silence. Nobody knew what that meant. Shame on them. Not only was it the longest game in NFL history – checking in at 82 minutes and 40 seconds – it was one of the most memorable, too, with Miami surviving the Chiefs and Podolak, thanks to a 37-yard Garo Yepremian field goal.

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Has there ever been 0 0 NFL game?

Yes, there has been a 0–0 game in NFL history. Surprisingly the last 0-0 game was way back in the past more than 76 years ago & 20 days from this answer ( NOV 27, 2019). It was played on November 7, 1943, between the Detroit Lions & the New York Giants.

What is the longest drive in football?

The longest drive in NFL history. The Boston Redskins had a 14:03 drive during the third game of the 1935 season against the Chicago Bears. Sammy Baugh ran for 56 yards and passed for 49, as the ‘skins scored on their 23rd play of the drive. That said, that 4th quarter drive by the Jints was like entering a time warp.

Did NFL ever have double overtime?

The Ravens’ thrilling victory over the Broncos clocked in at 76:42. The Dolphins’ Garo Yepremian kicked a 37-yard field goal 7:40 into the second overtime period to end the NFL’s longest game. …

What was the shortest game in NFL history?

On November 3rd, 1996, the Indianapolis Colts, led by Jim Harbaugh and Marshall Faulk, faced off against the San Diego Chargers in Indianapolis. Despite both offenses possessing the ball for over 25 minutes, neither team managed to score more than one touchdown in a quarter.

How long are NFL football games?

All in all, NFL games usually last around three hours roughly. With a halftime show expected to run around 30 minutes, Super Bowl 2022 should finish around 3am UK time.