Why does Juventus have a red face?

Juventus and Serie A stars have red marks on face in campaign to stop domestic violence against women.

Why do Italian footballers wear red on their face?

Players in Serie A this weekend are sporting a red mark on their cheeks as part of a campaign challenging violence against women and spreading awareness of an anti-stalking hotline. Every year for several seasons now, the Lega Serie A has participated in the campaign Un Rosso Alla Violenza – A red card to violence.

Why do Serie A players have red paint?

Top players and officials in the Italian football league Serie A wore red paints on their faces during their matches in order to raise awareness about the growing number of cases of violence against women.

Why did Juventus paint their face?

CRISTIANO RONALDO and Co will wear face paint for this weekend’s matches as Serie A tackles violence against women. … A small red mark on players’ faces will symbolise what the United Nations calls the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Why are Juventus players wearing red paint 2021?

SERIE A players are once again doing their bit to raise awareness for a campaign against violence to women. … Players will have red stripes on their cheeks as they play their matches. The striking look seeks to promote WeWorldOnlus’ Red Card to Violence campaign.

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What is the red mark on Serie A players?

Serie A players are wearing a red mark on their faces this weekend to raise awareness of domestic violence against women.