Which NFL QB has started for the most teams?

What NFL QB has been on the most teams?

J. T. O’Sullivan spent time with thirteen professional teams during his career.

Who is the only player to play for all 32 NFL teams?

J. T. O’Sullivan

No. 14, 7, 4, 13, 0, 5
Born: August 25, 1979 Burbank, California
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight: 232 lb (105 kg)
Career information

What NFL player played for the most teams?

Joshua Johnson, the epitome of the word “journeyman”, has played for 13 different NFL teams so far, the most in NFL history. The term “journeyman” is used in football to describe a player who has played for a number of clubs during his career.

Who is the number 1 QB of all time?

1. Tom Brady. It is a no-brainer on Tom Brady takes the top spot on this list as the best quarterback ever. He is the most decorated NFL player of all time — winning seven Super Bowls, five Super Bowl MVPs and three regular season MVPs.

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Which NFL player has the most Super Bowl rings?

List of players with most Super Bowl championships

Rank Player Seasons
1 Tom Brady 7
2 Charles Haley 5
3 Marv Fleming 4

What quarterback has been with the same team the longest?

The seasons are not necessarily consecutive.


Player Bart Starr*
Seasons 16
Career 1956–1971
Team Green Bay Packers
Position QB

What NFL player has the most kids?

Who will you find on this list of famous NFL players with the most kids? Dan Marino is near the top. The top Dolphins quarterback of the ’80s has seven children with two different women.

How old is Brady?

Seemingly with each start, there’s another NFL-history-making something-or-other for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback. Going into the NFL divisional round is no different. Brady, 44, is older than the three opposing NFC head coaches remaining in the playoffs.

Who is the most traded player in NFL history?

Herschel Walker to Vikings

This was undoubtedly the biggest trade in NFL history, as it involved 18 players or picks, most notably Herschel Walker. Fresh off a season in 1988 in which Walker had over 2,000 all-purpose yards, the Cowboys traded him five games into the 1989 season.

What athlete has played for the most teams?

This long, winding career may never be equaled. No professional athlete in the modern history of the NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLB played for as many teams as Edwin Jackson, at 14.

Who has Antonio Brown played for?

Across his 12-year career Brown has played for 4 teams: The Pittsburgh Steelers, the Oakland Raiders, the New England Patriots and most recently the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Who played on the most teams?

Matt Stairs. As the Major League leader for most teams played for by any position player in major league history (12), Matt Stairs was a guy who probably never got comfortable seeing his name in a lineup every day.

Who is the goat NFL?

Tom Brady, who is widely known as the GOAT, is expected to retire from the NFL after 22 seasons. What does this term mean, and why is Brady called the GOAT?

What quarterback has the most touchdowns in the NFL?

Tom Brady has the most touchdown passes in NFL history with 585.

Which quarterback has won the most Super Bowls?

NFL Quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl wins all-time:

  • Eli Manning – 2.
  • Peyton Manning – 2.
  • Ben Roethlisberger – 2.
  • John Elway – 2.
  • Jim Plunkett – 2.
  • Bob Griese – 2.
  • Roger Staubach – 2.
  • Bart Starr – 2.